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Better IDeas, better ID™

Design always precedes existence. You have to know BEFORE you build.

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The IDEXPERTS® Difference

The cliche is so awful, we hesitate to use it.  But it still holds true.  We really are a "one-stop-shop".  Our BetterID™ project management offers a comprehensive approach to creating solutions. You will never be directed to another 3rd party to complete your project. We have everything you need right here. Other vendors carry components - BetterID™ lets you to manage everything in one place: products, commodities, solutions, warranties, service and support.

Sometimes we say “no”

Because technology alone cannot solve your problem.

(The Food Bank didn't mind)

Successful solutions are born from balance.

Priorities can conflict, potentially.  We manage projects by balancing the needs of all the stakeholders, taking care to minimize unintended consequences as we move forward.  It is so important to know who will be affected by any change or implementation, and its best to have everyone onside and aware. The challenge is to integrate systems that are effective for today, while anticipating the needs of tomorrow. We will ensure a smooth implementation.  It's a balancing act we've done before.

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Success Stories

Going the extra mile, literally.

January 05, 2016

’Twas the night before Christmas, and workers were busy on the mountain called Cypress where skiers were giddy....

U-PASS Solution for Camosun College

December 09, 2015

New technology from E-CARD ID EXPERTS is powering the self service kiosks that enable students to encode their cards for use on BC Transit's bus system in Victoria, BC.